by Pink & Gold

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released October 4, 2015

Volcanoes was written and produced by David Woyke

David Woyke played guitar and sang

Jonathan Woyke played drums

Josh Biegel played bass

Dan Woyke played piano, Rhodes,
organ and accordian

Alan Martens played lead guitar on
The Ballad of the Gunslinger
The Tale of Larry Watkins and Brock Rodgers

Dave Dueckman played trumpet on Coma/Hospital

Taylor Goertzen played saxophone on Sleeping Habits

Mixed and engineered by Dan Woyke at
The Gold Room Studios in Chilliwack, BC

Artwork by Courtney Woyke



all rights reserved


Pink & Gold Chilliwack, British Columbia

Pink & Gold is David Woyke. He is a songwriter proudly based out of Chilliwack, BC.

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Track Name: Northern Lights
Honey, I'm going away for a while
I've heard some promising things
I won't be a slave to money
Up on the oil rigs

In northern Alberta, a crew truck pulls up
The steel tower stands strong today
I've got a lot of work to do
If you know what's best, make way

There will be sleepless nights no more
Our children will feast like kings
We can buy our way to happiness
Up on the oil rigs

Now honey doesn't miss me anymore
She's found someone to keep her entertained
And honey doesn't know
About the demons or the coke
And I don't know when I'm coming home

They said I should stay up here in the arctic
Northern lights so beautiful divine
I stood face to face with a bear the other day
He could tell I was ready to die

He could tell just by looking
Track Name: Apathy
Bottles on the table
I'm dead tired but my eyes won't fall asleep
I admit I'm unstable
Her misery can have that effect on me

I can't take it to the top of the stairs
You can't even make it to the end of the hallway
You said this just isn't fair
Darling, I'll love you always

God if we ever say that we're done
I know I won't forget
It was You who saw the outcome
And I deserve all that I get

I can't take it anymore
Don't know what I'm here for
So I'll hold, my head,

High! I'll go outside
And if you pass by
I'll stop and wave to say...
Track Name: Sleeping Habits
These walls are blue
Blue like the sea, which I flew
Over to meet you

Not much to say
When we first met, that's okay
This road is a long highway

Feelings are portrayed between
The silence of our stare
Any passing thoughts remain
Suspended in midair

Just take my hand
And I will understand
When you can't
I'll understand

Secrets under blankets
My heart's an open door
Lie about your sleeping habits
So I can love you more
Track Name: Mt. Vesuvius II
Resentment and anger
Flow through you like magma

We try to keep it cool, but you're
Burning the bottom of my feet

You don't do well under pressure
Not to mention the temperature

If I stay here with you, I will
just ask you to be happy

So you try, but it's hard
Because something has fallen apart
Inside, of you
And I don't know what to do

You used to covered
with gardens and vineyards

The evidence is on your skin
Now the charred side of a mountain

I can't stand the torment
Even when you lay dormant

I'm living in the valley of fear
And I need to get away

We try to pick the pieces up after you violently erupt but there's no way in hell we're ever getting our home back
And I'm on my hands and knees and I'm digging through the rubble and I can't find those promises you have me all those years ago

And I know, we both did,
This was going to happen
It was worth it
Track Name: Ballad of a Gunslinger
I took the west bound freight
I was seeking you out

All the trials and pain
You have caused so much doubt

I have your face and name
In my eyes and mouth

I am the Gunslinger

So I unsling my guitar
And put on my shroud
I seek out where you are
And step in to the crowd

This place is so small
And if you had the nerve tonight
To truly show your face at all
Then you will surely die

In one quick motion
I arrive at your side
And my six-shooter in your direction
Only one of us is terrified

And I make quick work of you

No one hangs around, the show is finished
My determination diminished

But I stay and lurk over you

When the come for me, I am restrained
For my crime, I'll gladly pay

I am the Gunslinger
Track Name: The Tale of Larry Watkins and Brock Rodgers
Larry Watkins and Brock Rodgers
Slackline between the silos
Some people go through hell for a living
But I like where I go

We looked on
As clouds settled
On the rim of mountains
That surrounds us

The sun sits high
And it looks down, down, down
Through the great white maw
At me in the parking lot

Garry turns
Tells me straight
How could my God make
Freedom to choose our fate

The answer
No one hears
Words fall on deaf ears

Some day fifty years from now
The old mill had enough
With the ashes our memories rain down
They are found in the old grown bluffs
Track Name: Coma/Hospital
From you I learned
Maybe some bad things
You snapped that bow
That my dad made

Beating down on us
The sun was fatherlike
We mostly preferred
Being inside

Now I like the smell of incense
It reminds me of the summer
How you'd throw all the windows open
We could hear you screaming at your mother

There's a demon in that house
A demon who drinks a lot
We told you that we'd pray for you
You said just think good thoughts

In the spring sometime last year
I heard you were in a coma
Your pancreas caught up to you
And then you got pneumonia

Sometimes we pay the price
And sometimes we suffer
But you do those things to yourself
And things to one another

40 degrees is pretty hot
40 degrees is too hot

They said if you stay alive
And make it through the ICU
In the Abbotsford Regional Hospital
There will be the people that you'll never live without
And the things you'll never have the strength to do
Track Name: Mt. Vesuvius I
It's funny we all thought you just had a
dark, dark, dark sense of

Sure you had bad days, but we
never took you as serious as
You were...
You were...

You would look me straight in the eye
And relate how maybe one day
When you'd had enough
You'd drift into the other lane

The oncoming lane
Where there are people just trying to go
The other way
From you, but no, but no!

You said off with the head
Of a family of four
With one unborn
One unborn

At least for you it was instant
You wouldn't have lived
With the carnage you left
Behind anyways, anyways

It's funny that we all thought you just had a
dark, dark, dark sense of